7 Website Analytics And Visitor Journey Platforms To Explore

Data and Analytics are vital components to business success in 2019. The reason for this is because everything is digital, everything can be tracked and these numbers can give a clear reflection on the positive and negative marketing efforts alongside sales, when everything is synced and coherent.

Analytics software will work differently for every business based on their quantitative data level. It can become over complicated when you get too deep into the metrics of everything which is going on with your website, as a sales platform or a SaaS product and monitoring your users.

Website analytics platforms come in different shapes and sizes. There are the ones which are catering at a base level and for the more simplified numbers that help business directors make the important decisions. Then the technical level of marketing metrics which seem to be an endless breakdown of statistics which will eventually give you the answer, right?

Beyond this there are platforms which deliver a blend of the numbers and qualitative data such as website visitor tracking tools that identify businesses, or give you leads to follow up with.

Following are some of the best website analytics and visitor journey platforms you should use.

1. AgencyAnalytics

This tool has the best rating when it comes to any website analytics tool. This is really impressive and helps you save a lot of time by doing work with ease. The built-in features include SEO tools like rank tracking, audits and back link. You can also integrate social media, Google Analytics, call tracking and PPC for your ease. No other tool offers such features and integration.

2. Agile CRM

It is one of the widely used website analytics and customer relationship management tool. To know more about customer behavior and website performance, you will get no better tool than Agile CRM. The system lets you get insights about customer leads as well as prospect activity occurring on your websites. The tool also gives clear details about web engagement patterns in form of charts, tables and real-time alerts.

3. Google Analytics

This is the default analytics system all sites get when they want to track down their performance, activity on the site, user engagement, traffic sources and other insights. It gives daily as well as weekly reports and makes your work pretty simple. Most of the small businesses use this tool instead of any other because it is free and works better than most of the paid tools.

4. Smartlook

If you really want to know about the user engagement and their behavior on your websites, this tool can help you a lot. It is web as well as mobile-friendly and has over 200,000 people using at the moment. If you want to know why users bounce, why they don’t certain features, reasons behind actions on your site, low user engagement and other things, this is the best tool for getting insights about these things.

5. SEMrush

This browser plugin tool is really simple to use for website analytics. It doesn’t only provide insights about your site, you can also learn about the sites and performance of your competitors’ sites. You will find out the sources of their traffic, prospects and potential partners. The tool will also provide insights into details like how other people manage to engage users on their sites. This is a fun tool that everyone should use.

6. Woopra

A lot of companies are using Woopra. If you want to know how other and big companies analyze, understand, engage and manage their customers, this tool is the best option in the market. It has a pretty good rating. You will get individual level analytics as well as combined on in different time periods. You can better understand and engage your customers and users on the site with Woopra.

7. GetSocial

In our list, we didn’t include any social media management tool. All were how you can analyze your website data and analytics. But this tool is for managing social media and tracking your performance on the platforms. With this tool, marketers as well as publishers can understand the traffic insights and where it comes from.